Thursday, February 26, 2009

PDR: Burnout

I haven't posted here for two weeks, although I've been working with the Tarot Nova daily, and with the Anna K almost as frequently. At some point I succumbed to burnout. The readings have been for the most part interesting and thought-provoking, but my desire to write about them has dwindled away. In other words, fun has become drudgery.

Is this a familiar pattern in my life? Why, yes it is... 

I told myself to just draw a couple of cards, write up a brief post, and let that be enough for now. Here's what I got:

I love this Knight of Cups -- going with the flow, free & easy, ridin' the wave. And there's the 7 of Pentacles, signifying taking a breather from work, standing back, reassessing, letting things progress for a while on their own. The message?

"Dude, give it a rest."

Sounds good to me.


  1. Fair enough, P, and don't let the writing be bound by any convention. I like the idea that it should be fun, or shelved.

  2. I think I have a bit of burnout too. I'm still doing readings, but am having trouble finding time or desire to blog.
    We'll both come back to it. I know that. :D

  3. I'm granting myself permission to just coast for a while. No pressure, no fretting. :)

  4. I've not got burnout as such, my problem is finding something to post that others won't fall asleep at.

    I agree with Karl. Who wants to do something they don't enjoy?

    Come back when you're refreshed!

  5. Your reading makes sense to me. Take it easy, keep it fun, or what's the point? Myself, I've been studying the cards but not posting much, because I'm running out of things to ask!

  6. I echo the others. Enjoy coastin', don't worry about postin'! This makes mee think of the "The Producers": "Keep it funny, keep it sunny, keep it gay!" :)