Sunday, January 25, 2009

PDR: Ace of Cups

I spent some enjoyable time flipping through the Elemental deck trying to identify my favorite card. Just one favorite? Not do-able. I did manage to whittle it down to three. My third-most favorite is the 1 of Water: Fountain, or in more conventional terms, the Ace of Cups.

I think the colors are a huge part of the appeal for me. Lavender and various shades of aqua... it’s a very soothing color scheme. I love the elegant simplicity of the shapes, too. (The word “Sin” below the image refers to the Babylonian moon god, not moral transgression.)

I have to admit that I’m often a bit uncomfortable when an Ace comes up in a reading. I think of an Ace as “Potential for _______” <-- fill in the blank according to the suit. There’s not much depth in that. When I try to push harder for meaning, I usually come up with stuff that seems equally applicable to the Page or Knight of that suit. But what does the Ace, and the Ace alone, communicate? I’m still feeling my way into that.

Here’s what the Elemental’s book says about this card: Excitement at the sudden birth of new feelings. Love awakening. A great release of emotional energy after a period of control. Overwhelming desire to express deep feelings. Love at first sight. Negatively: gullibility, one-sided love.

I often use the Elemental in comparative readings, so I went looking for other Aces of Cups that I’ve found attractive. Here’s the Anna K Ace of Cups: a serene woman draws an overflowing cup from a stream.

I’ve only had this deck for two days, so I don’t know if this card will remain a lasting favorite; but what appeals to me now is the novelty of having a person in the scene. I find it makes the card somehow more accessible. All the Anna K Aces have a person in the picture; it's possible that this may be the deck that helps me "get" the Aces at last.

My all-time favorite Ace of Cups is without a doubt the Ironwing:

Ahhh. Just look at that. I can feel the flow and release and unending abundance. I love it.

I'd be curious to hear if anyone else has a favorite Ace of Cups.


  1. I really like the Elemental Ace of Cups too. Very pretty colors.

  2. Aces are so special, when I see one in a reading my heart jumps. This one is lovely and I like the idea of a fountain, an overflow, a release of emotional energy.

  3. Very nice. I like the fountain. And love that Ironwing ace

  4. Oh... also to add... usually Aces aren't my "thing" so to speak. And a lot of times I'm not really into the court cards either. However I like both in the Fey Deck. Love the cups in general in that deck... heck I love it all.

  5. I've not got any favourite aces but I like your comparisons.

  6. I like the way you compared the Aces in different decks. I love the Ace of Cups in the Ancestral Path. Generally I too find Aces very tricky to read when they come up in a reading.

  7. Aces are starting points... not much has happened yet - that's probably why you feel there's not much there. They only become truly interesting in dialogue with the sitter. How does she feel about that potential or new beginning? What action will she take to pursue her desire... Or is there some block preventing her from stepping into or owning this new thing? What brought the new beginning about? Does it come with feelings of hope or despair? Does it relate to an area where the sitter is already skilled or is it completely new in every way?
    With the Ace of Cups in particular, past relationship patterns may need to be looked at in order to avoid repeating old mistake as the sitter embraces whatever or whomever that rides on the wave of this new emotional energy.
    Ultimately, the Ace of Cups is there to teach us that all the things that we believe can bring emotional satisfaction are found within. The Ace of Cups is the Grail is the Self.

    Two of my favourite Ace of Cup cards are the Rider Waite and the DruidCraft.

  8. Lisa, that is VERY helpful. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

    I've enjoyed looking up the Aces of Cups mentioned in the comments. Sapienza, I love that whale breaching in the background of the Ancestral Path Ace of Cups.