Tuesday, January 27, 2009

PDR: Meow!

I’ve never done a tarot reading for a stranger, only for myself and for a few family members. Oh, and for my mother’s cats.

I know -- I need to get out more, right? But the readings I’ve done for those cats, at my mother’s request, have been fun and funny for both my mom and me. And she swears I’ve been credible and helpful. I did another reading today, about her aging Oriental Shorthair who is, for the first time in her life, an only cat.

My mother wanted insight into why Lacey has become so vocal. A quiet, timid, neurotic, fearful cat when she shared the house with other cats, in her solitude she has transformed into quite the chatterbox. She appears happy, not lonely, but Mom wanted to know what the cards had to say about the situation. I advised her to have Lacey checked for hyperthyroidism (incessant meowing is one of the symptoms), but in the meantime, I pulled three cards to answer the question, “Why is Lacey meowing so much?”

You’re all holding your breath awaiting the answer, I know... but I swear this is good reading practice. One of these days I’m going to take the leap and read for strangers, but not today. Today is Lacey’s day. Here’s what I got:

(Click to enlarge)
In the middle I see the space Lacey is occupying now: an uncrowded vista of land and sky. It’s the 1 of Air, aka the Ace of Swords, signaling a new beginning, a new way of thinking about life. Or, according to the Elemental's book, Saying what one thinks immediately. “Breath” is the keyword. Room to breathe! Breath to meow with!

To the right is the Tower: the enormous change in her life effected when she went from one of three (and at the bottom of the pecking order) to one and only. She landed, as cats do, on her feet -- her confidence and sociability have increased dramatically since then. But still, it’s a strange landscape -- it’s possible she may not be entirely as ease in it yet.

Now read the text along the left side of the Tower card. It says: Hear me - Learn from my word - You who know me. My mother broke out laughing when I read that to her. “Oh, I hear her alright,” she assured me.

On the left is 6 of Earth/Pentacles. Here there is sharing, giving, generosity. The book says, Celebration of one’s good fortune. Lucky cat, to be the sole recipient of human time and affection. Perhaps she meows to share what’s in her heart.

I interpret the reading to mean that Lacey is indeed happy and adjusting well to the dramatic change in her life, and that her vocalizations are part of the process of bonding more closely with my mother.

Being able to get a coherent reading on this question is further evidence to me that the Elemental is useful not just for serious issues, but for (please, please, forgive the pun) “fluffy” ones as well.

Comments and alternative interpretations are always welcome.


  1. Reading for cats seems just fine with me! It seems like you did a good job!

  2. This is awesome :) I have tried to read for my cat on a number of occasions, but it's never very successful. I'm so impressed you could!

  3. What a great idea! I love your interpretation. Lacey sounds like a very happy cat!
    I once pulled a card for my cat, and got strength- made me laugh because of the lion. lol.

  4. That's awesome! I have 7 cats... want to read for one or more of them?
    That interpretation is wonderful. Really liking what you are doing with this deck. Great choice.

  5. Nothing silly about this reading. I do readings on/for my animals all the time. They have an energy signature just like the rest of us.

    I am glad the cat is adjusting well. I think my Lucky is rebelling against no longer being the king cat.

    BTW - you will always be forgiven for bad puns. I love wordplay and a good turn of the phrase.

  6. I do readings for my animals too! It's fun and you can come up with some interesting information too. This reading does show that Lacey is loving being the only cat. And she's just telling everyone about how happy she is.

  7. A very interesting view of the tower. Like it!

  8. Lovely reading for Lacey. It all makes sense to me! I've never had a cat before but was adopted by a stray about 6 months ago... Will have to do him a reading some time :)

  9. Loved it! So funny. My cat also got a lot more vocal when he became the only one. I could see Lacey taking a deep breath and letting it out to express herself, not caring at all if who she's disrupting.